Wicket 1.2 is no longer supported. For supported versions go to Apache Wicket.

Quick Start

This quick start is a small guide to get you up and running to start using Wicket within minutes. This project is meant to be a starting point for your first project. If you are looking for examples, please look at the example projects.

This project has guides to the major three IDE's available:

These quick start guides assume you have some knowlegde of developing Java web applications and using your IDE. This kick start will only give you a working environment, it is not intended as a blueprint project.

Latest News

May 22, 2006 - Wicket QuickStart 1.2 released

The Wicket Quickstart project has been upgraded to use Wicket 1.2.

Special Thanks

The Wicket Stuff development team would like to thank the following partners for supporting Open Source in general and Wicket in particular.