Package wicket.extensions.wizard

Package for working with Wizard components.


Interface Summary
IWizard Interface for the wizard component.
IWizardModel This interface defines the model for wizards.
IWizardModelListener Recieves notifications for wizard model state changes.
IWizardStep Models one step in a wizard, and is the equivalent of one panel in a wizard from an end-user's perspective.
WizardModel.ICondition Interface for conditional displaying of wizard steps.

Class Summary
CancelButton Models a cancel button in the wizard.
FinishButton Models a cancel button in the wizard.
LastButton Models a 'last' button in the wizard.
NextButton Models a next button in the wizard.
PreviousButton Models a previous button in the wizard.
StaticContentStep A wizard step that displays the provided static content without expecting any input.
Wizard A wizard is a dialog component that takes it's users through a number of predefined steps.
WizardButton Base class for buttons that work with the wizard component.
WizardButtonBar The default bar of button components for wizards.
WizardModel Default implementation of IWizardModel.
WizardStep default implementation of IWizardStep.

Package wicket.extensions.wizard Description

Package for working with Wizard components. Wizards are dialogs which take users through a number of steps to acchieve something.

The main component is wicket.extensions.wizard, which serves as the panel on which the whole wizard is rendered. It is possible to implement

wicket.extensions.wizard.IWizard directly, but it is not recommended. The wizard cooperates with an instance of wicket.extensions.wizard.IWizardModel, for which the default implementation wicket.extensions.wizard.WizardModel is provided. This model knows about the wizard's steps and the transitions between them, and it holds a reference to the currently active step. It might function as a generic state holder for the wizard too, though you might find it more convenient to use the wizard component itself for that, or even an external model. See the wizard example of the wicket-examples project for some examples of wizards.

The Swing Wizard Framework served as a valueable source of inspiration as did discussions with Michael Jouravlev and Tim Boudreau.

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