The roadmap for Wicket is not clearly defined. We usually look 1 or two releases ahead. In this document you can find the latest insights in our roadmap and what lies ahead for Wicket.

Wicket 1.1

The Wicket 1.1 release is scheduled to become final in late september.

  • JavaScript support
  • CSS support
  • Markup inheritence
  • Experimental AJAX support
  • Improved URL handling
  • Include of external markup
  • Simplified Choice component
  • Improved Feedback support
  • Thread safe validation (bug fix)
  • Immediate button support for Forms
  • Panel support for TreeView
  • Date picker component
  • Component reference examples
Release information can be found here: Wicket 1.1.

The first release candidate is out for testing, with one or two release candidates coming until late september (last week), then Wicket 1.1 will be marked final.

Wicket 1.2

The Wicket 1.2 release is scheduled to become final for early januari, possibly earlier.

  • AJAX support
  • Portlet support (JSR 168)
  • Clean and pretty URL's
  • JAAS/Acegi/other security integration

Future plans

Some interesting ideas for the future of Wicket, but not currently on any planning horizon.

  • WML (Wap) output
  • VoiceXML output
  • JSF integration
  • Zero server state

Wicket 2.0

No date available, depending on industry support.

  • Migration to Java 5