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Januari 25, 2006 - Wicket 1.1.1 Available

After a couple of months without any significant problem the Wicket team has made available the first maintenance release of Wicket 1.1. This release features a backport of a Wicket 1.2 feature: the <wicket:message> tag, which enables you to create internationalized pages without having to resort to adding Label components with StringResourceModel for internationalizing the texts on a page. See the WicketMessageResolver JavaDoc for more information.

Further enhancements include:

  • Added check and better exception when servlet's init param is missing
  • Added label tags for generated input tags in CheckBoxMultipleChoice and RadioChoice
  • Fixed autolink NPE problem
  • Fixed bug in button that caused the value attirbute to disappear after form submit

Together with this release, the Wicket extensions project receives a maintance release.

This release is available through the download pages on SourceForge.

October 30, 2005 - Wicket 1.1 Available

The Wicket team is proud to announce the availability of Wicket 1.1 for download! Wicket is a Java component oriented web application framework that takes simplicity, separation of concerns and easy of use to a whole new level. Wicket web applications consist of HTML markup and Java classes. No strange languages, no strange markup, no configuration files , no specialized, expensive tools: just Java, HTML and you.

This Wicket version contains a lot of improvements from the 1.0 version. New features include:

  • Simplified feedback and validation - enables custom feedback strategies
  • Live Component Reference - the examples project contains a component reference showing how to use the components.
  • JavaScript and CSS support for components - contribute JavaScript and CSS from your component to the using page
  • Markup Inheritance - enables template pages and components
  • Inclusion of external markup
  • Simplified Choice component - creating drop down, radio and list components was never this easy
  • Less dependencies - we removed several library dependencies
  • Customizable Form handling - easy for quick forms, easily enables full custom form processing
  • Improved resource handling
  • Date picker component - will not get you dates, but a JavaScript and text field enabled localized calendar component.
  • Improved URL handling
  • AJAX request handling support - support for two leading AJAX JavaScript libraries is available as separate downloads from our Wicket Stuff project: scriptaculous and DOJO toolkit

The Wicket team wishes to extend their gratitude to the user and developer community for their testing efforts and help, making this release a reality!

The Wicket 1.1 distribution can be downloaded from the SourceForge servers by following this link. The Wicket 1.1 release documentation can be found at:

Thank you for downloading and using Wicket!

- the Wicket Team

October 4, 2005 - Wicket 1.1-rc2 Available

The second release candidate for Wicket 1.1 is available for download and testing. We expect this to be the last release candidate, but Murphy might think otherwise. Most notable changes are:

  • moved and dojo handlers to their own packages at Wicket Stuff
  • added serialversionuid to all the serialized wicket classes
  • several fixes regarding resources (javascript)
See the complete list here.

The release can be downloaded from the SourceForge download section.

September 25, 2005 - Wicket On Tour

If you're near the Netherlands around October 12th, you can see 'Component Based Web Development Using Wicket' on the fall conference JFall 2005 organized by the dutch Java User Group. Eelco Hillenius and Martijn Dashorst will be giving the presentation, and we hope to see you there!

Wicket will also be featured at JavaPolis 2005 in Antwerp. Again, Eelco and Martijn will be presenting Wicket on December 14, between 18:00 and 19:00.

September 11, 2005 - Wicket 1.1-rc1 Available

The first release candidate for Wicket 1.1 is available for download and testing. We have started the countdown to Wicket 1.1 final, and expect to release 1.1 in two to three weeks. This release fixes several bugs, a full listing can be found here. Here is a list of most notable changes and fixes:

  • Moved resource reference classes from extensions into core
  • Infinite loop when adding attributemodifier twice
  • Buttons can have a model now, for the buttons value attribute
  • Odd behaviour when Wicket is the "root" (/*) servlet
  • Removed dependency on concurrent.jar
  • Now allow multiple ajax handler implementations to contribute to the page's header

Please download this release and give us feedback.

September 6, 2005 - Site Adjustments

A new example has been added to the examples section: StockQuote Example. This example is also available in the examples download.

Due to unwarranted advertisements by our old page counter service, we have moved to another ad-free statistics engine by

August 30, 2005 - Wicket 1.1-beta 4 Available

Wicket 1.1-beta 4 is available for download and testing. This is a beta release, so you may expect some API changes. We are busy in the end game before we freeze the API, and running behind on our published schedule for 1.1 final. In order to be able to ship 1.1 final soon, we need your testing support! Most notable features in this release are:

  • Removed the (optional) dependency on commons-fileupload, made the support internal for Wicket
  • Made the coupling of Wicket to the servlet spec more loose, enabling usage of Wicket on platforms outside a servlet container, such as portlets, or embedded servers
  • Stripping of markup in Wicket namespace (e.g. wicket:id, wicket:label) is almost complete with setStripWicketTag(true)
  • Invisible components are not rendered any more
  • Added basic AJAX support: DOJO and libraries are now available for experimentation.

See the complete list of changes here.

Please download this release and give us feedback.

August 29, 2005 - Maintenance release Wicket 1.0.3 available

A minor bugfix release has been issued for PageableListViewNavigation. The 1.0.3 version doesn't have any other improvements or fixes.

If you are using Wicket 1.0 and use the PageableListViewNavigation or the PageableListViewNavigator, then we advise you to upgrade to this version. Note that when you upgrade from 1.0.1, you may experience some backwards incompatibilities, as outlined in the 1.0.2 release notes.

August 22, 2005 - Wicket 1.1-beta 3 Available

Wicket 1.1-beta 3 is available for download and testing. This is a beta release, so you may expect some API changes. Most notable features in this release are:

  • Component developers can now initialize resources when the app starts up
  • Added WebSession.getId() and WebRequestCycle.getWebSession()
  • Added AbstractReadOnlyModel Issue: 1250030. Thanks to Igor Vaynberg.
  • Fixed: AbstractDetachableModel doesn't propogate attach/detach, Thanks to Cameron Braid
  • Fixed: Can't have two FeedbackPanels, Thanks to Simon Berriman
  • Fixed: FeedbackPanel produces illegal HTML, Thanks to Gili Tzabari
  • Fixed: WicketServlet.doGet URI bug, Thanks to Jan Bares
  • Fixed: Classloading problems that caused problems loading markup/resources for components that were loaded by another classloader than the current one
  • Extended markup inheritance to support panels and borders
  • Made a significant reduction in the size of pages, especially big pages
  • Refactored feedback completely. The new code is smaller, more powerful and more elegant, but it will break clients.
  • Added automatic multiPart support to Form.

See the complete list of changes here.

August 22, 2005 - Maintenance release Wicket 1.0.2 Available

The Wicket development team has released the second maintenance release of the Wicket 1.0 branch. This release fixes some bugs, and with that introduces one API breaking change:

  • newChoiceItem does not use object parameter but selects directly from list Issue: 1263892. Thanks to Arjan Zwaan.
  • Backport: AbstractDetachableModel doesn't propogate attach/detach Issue: 1253113.
  • Backport: serialization bug in LocalizedImageResource
  • Backport: possible NullPointerException in DynamicImageResource.getResourceStream()
  • Backport: catch if session is saved to disk and reloaded again but locale is changed
  • fix for classloading problems that caused problems loading markup/resources for components that were loaded by another classloader than the current one.
  • Backport: closed FileOutputStream in wicket.util.file.Files in finally block
The API change involves the IResourceStreamLocator interface, where the locate method now takes a ClassLoader as an extra parameter. Passing in null will use the context classloader.

August 1, 2005 - Wicket 1.1-beta 2 Available

Wicket 1.1-beta 2 is available for download and testing. This is a beta release, so you may expect some API changes. Most notable features in this release are:

  • JavaScript support
  • CSS support
  • Markup inheritence
  • Experimental AJAX support
  • Improved URL handling
  • Include of external markup
  • Simplified Choice component
  • Improved Feedback support
  • Thread safe validation (bug fix)
  • Immediate button support for Forms
  • Panel support for TreeView
  • Date picker component
  • Component reference examples
  • Upgrade of the log4j and concurrent dependencies to their latest releases
Please download this release and give us feedback on how you like these new features. A final 1.1 release will be available around begin september, so we need your feedback!

July 24, 2005 - Wicket 1.1-beta 1 Avaliable

Wicket 1.1-beta 1 is available for download and testing. This is a beta release, which means that API's might change. Most notable features in this release are:

  • JavaScript support - components can now contribute their own JavaScript to a page, opening up possibilities for very rich Wicket components.
  • CSS support - alongside with the JavaScript support, Wicket allows components to contribute their CSS to a page
  • Markup inheritence - Wicket pages were already able to inherit on the Java side, but now it is possible to 'constrain' the markup of sub pages to a certain place in the markup. If you thought that borders were difficult, this will make your life very easy!
  • Date picker - as a demonstrator for what you can do with our new JavaScript support, we have included a Date picker component in the wicket extensions package.
  • Component reference examples - an ongoing concern: documentation and component reference. We have started building small component examples in the Wicket examples project.
Please download this release and give us feedback on how you like these new features. A final 1.1 release will be available around begin september, so we need your feedback!

July 17, 2005 - NetBeans kickstart guide available

Thanks to the writing talents of Geertjan Wielenga, the Wicket Kickstart project now hosts a guide for kickstarting you Wicket development using NetBeans. The project has been updated to incorporate the latests Wicket maintenance release.

July 17, 2005 - Maintenance release Wicket 1.0.1 available

The Wicket development team has released the first (and probably last) maintenance release of Wicket 1.0. This release fixes some bugs and adds some missing functionality:

  • Only validate components that are visible
  • FeedbackPanel: made some methods that were not meant for overriding final, and added methods that make extending feedbackpanel easier
  • fixed bug in AbstractPropertyModel which gave problems using custom converters (overriding getConverter for a component) with compound property models
  • ComponentStringResourceLoader: resources are now inherited from parent classes when components have been subclassed

June 7, 2005 - Wicket 1.0 available for download

The Wicket development team has made the 1.0 final release available for immediate download. This release marks a huge milestone in the development cycle of Wicket. Go to the downloads page to download Wicket 1.0!

We are preparing a media campaign for Wicket 1.0. So you may find us in the media soon. Keep an eye out for Wicket!

June 5, 2005 - Wicket 1.0 released

The Wicket development team is proud to announce the launch of Wicket 1.0. Wicket is a component based, Java web application framework which seeks to ease and simplify web application development.

May 28, 2005 - Wicket on JavaOne 2005 / San Francisco

Come see Wicket on JavaOne this summer. Wicket is featured in two events:

We look forward to see you at JavaOne!

May 21, 2005 - 1.0 RC3 is out!

Finally, after a month of some silence, we have produced our last release candidate before we deploy 1.0. If all goes well, you will see the final release within a week or two. The bug list now only contains an issue relating to clustering. As such we advise you currently to not deploy your application on a cluster, until the issues are resolved, or to be very thorough in your clustering tests.

In this release you won't see major API changes, however the internals have improved significantly. The request cycle has now correct semantics, we have improved the redirect after post pattern, which now performs significantly better than before, and allows you to do your request handling and rendering in one pass, and then redirect to the rendered page. CompoundModel support has improved and works with more components than before. We added support for redirecting to external url's (e.g. Google) directly by introducing RedirectPage.

For the complete list of fixes, updates and changes please see the release history.

May 4, 2005 - Eclipse Live Demo available

Using Wink we have put together a live Eclipse Demo showing how to get started developing your first Wicket application.

April 22, 2005 - Last Call for Wicket 1.0!

Wicket needs your input!

The Wicket team is preparing the final Wicket 1.0 release candidate. Therefore we need your help. If you have things that are hard for you to accomplish using Wicket, if there is something you posted to the mailinglist and it didn't get resolved, if you have a killer idea that absolutely must be in 1.0 or else...

Send it to the mailinglist or create a bug report!

The Wicket team want the RC3 to be the final release for Wicket 1.0. After this, development will focus on creating 1.1 with full support for AJAX, JavaScript, CSS and more.

This is the final call for changes to Wicket 1.0.

With regards,

The Wicket Team

April 17, 2005 - Kick Start Your Wicket Development!

The Kick Start project gives you a head start when you want to begin your own Wicket web application. We currently only kick start you in Eclipse, but NetBeans and IntelliJ support will arrive in the near future.

April 16, 2005 - 1.0 RC2 is out!

We are getting close to a final 1.0 release in the near future. This RC2 release marks the next milestone on the journey to the first production ready release of Wicket. Many of the problems found by RC1 users have been solved and this release should be a much smoother ride for all.

See the changes report for more information on the solved bugs in this release.

April 3, 2005 - 1.0 RC1 is released!

The Wicket team is proud to release the first 1.0 release candidate. This is probably the most important milestone in our history. From now on the feature list has been frozen, and the bug list will shrink. Please take a look at the changelog for this release.

A list of the most note worthy changes:

  • Addition of Wicket namespace for identifying components: instead of id="wcn:foo" we now use wicket:id="foo" .
  • Support for clustering
  • CompoundPropertyModel makes development of forms much easier and less verbose
  • Added factories for creating your own Session, RequestCycle, etc. objects. Many things are configurable in Wicket using factories.
  • Moved non-core stuff to the Wicket Stuff project.

April 3, 2005 - Live Examples

Juergen Donnerstag has created a live examples website for everyone to see what can be done with Wicket without having to deploy the examples yourself!

The live examples are hosted on the Wicket Library , which will be the marketplace for (third party) Wicket components.

March 30, 2005 - Two articles on the wiki

Jonathan Locke has written two articles on using Wicket:

March 19, 2005 - A new Wicket project is born: Wicket Stuff

We have registered a seperate project for hosting non-core components: Wicket Stuff . If your component has a dependency other than the Wicket dependencies , for example a Hibernate component, then Wicket Stuff is the place to find it.

The initial list of components hosted there is:

  • Velocity Panel
  • Hibernate components and helpers
  • Groovy integration
  • Spring Framework integration
  • fValidate integration

Releases of these projects will come available as Wicket 1.0 RC1 ships.

March, 4, 2005 - 0.9.19-beta released

The releases are getting smaller, so it is nearly that special time for RC1. The current release marks the work done between 0.9.18-beta and now. An issue regarding dependencies of Wicket has been resolved. Wicket doesn't depend any more on difficult to distribute libraries.

Februari 20, 2005 - 0.9.18-beta released

The Wicket team has worked really hard to make this beta release possible. The march to the big 1.0 is on, and the first release candidate will surface in the next few weeks.

A lot has changed in this release, so you will receive some compile time errors if you are coming from a previous release. Among the changes are the following:

  • Added a FAQ section to our site
  • Renamed handleX() methods and other events to conform to the onX() pattern.
  • Added Button class and Form buttons support. When it has two or more buttons, the onSubmit() handler is called on the button which submitted the Form.
  • Changed HtmlPage to WebPage, HtmlContainer to WebContainer and HtmlComponent to WebComponent
  • Reorganized components and examples for final 1.0 structure.
Check out all modifications on our release history page.

January 25, 2005 - 0.9.17-beta released

The Wicket team is proud to present yet another release of the Wicket core framework and its examples. This release contains major refactoring work and interface changes, including:

  • The Java API
  • Wicket component markup: <wicket:xxxxx>
  • Changes to web.xml configuration
  • Major updates of the javadoc
Please see the Hello World example for an update on the web.xml configuration. Also please check the examples project for more information regarding the Wicket component markup change.

Archive 2004

December 26, 2004 - 0.9.16-beta released

The Wicket team is proud to present yet another release of the Wicket core framework and it's examples. This release contains among a number of bug fixes also new support for dynamic languages, (see the wicket-examples project for more information) and for Spring framework integration .

December 19, 2004 - 0.9.15-beta released

The Wicket team is proud to present yet another release of the Wicket core framework. This release encompasses a big restructuring of the package structure: the com.voicetribe package prefix has been dropped. All Wicket classes are now in the top level package named wicket .

December 19, 2004 - Going into beta

Finally the Wicket development team is starting the march to the big 1.0 release. This sunday the last release of 2004 is done. After this the release candidate circus will be part of our daily Wicket development.

December 9, 2004 - New style for the website

Our new layout, design and logo were kindly provided by Topicus by providing precious time of their designer Wouter de Jong.

December 5, 2004 - 0.9.14-alpha released

The current status of CVS was released under version 0.9.14-alpha.

November 7, 2004 - Clover license obtained

We have obtained a Clover license for use in our project. This allows us to obtain even higher quality code than before. Thanks to Cenqua for providing us with the open source license.

October 25, 2004 - 0.9.13-alpha released

The current status of CVS was released under version 0.9.13-alpha.

September 22, 2004 - Moved to

Wicket moved from codehaus to SourceForge .