Package wicket.markup.html.form

HTML Forms and form components.


Interface Summary
FormComponent.IVisitor Typesafe interface to code that is called when visiting a form component.
IChoiceRenderer Renders one choice.
IFormSubmitListener Listener interface that is called when a form is submitted.
IOnChangeListener Listener method for OnChange events of dropdown lists and onclick events of CheckBoxes and RadioChoice components.

Class Summary
AbstractTextComponent Abstract base class for TextArea and TextField.
Button A form button.
Check Component representing a single checkbox choice in a wicket.markup.html.form.CheckGroup.
CheckBox HTML checkbox input component.
CheckBoxMultipleChoice A choice subclass that shows choices via checkboxes.
CheckGroup Component used to connect instances of Check components into a group.
CheckGroupSelector Selects and unselects all Check components under the same CheckGroup as itself.
ChoiceRenderer Default implementation of IChoiceRenderer.
DropDownChoice A choice implemented as a dropdown menu/list.
Form Base class for forms.
FormComponent An HTML form component knows how to validate itself.
FormComponentLabel A component that represents html label tag.
HiddenField TextField doesn't permit the html so this is a simple subclass to allow this A HiddenField is useful when you have a javascript based component that updates the form state.
ImageButton A button which renders itself as an image button resource.
ListChoice Essentially a drop down choice that doesn't drop down.
ListMultipleChoice A multiple choice list component.
PasswordTextField A password text field component.
Radio Component representing a single radio choice in a wicket.markup.html.form.RadioGroup.
RadioChoice A choice subclass that shows choices in radio style.
RadioGroup Component used to connect instances of Radio components into a group.
RequiredTextField A text field which automatically adds a RequiredValidator.
SimpleFormComponentLabel A form component label that replaces its body with the contents of FormComponent.getLabel()
SubmitLink A link which can be used exactly like a Button to submit a Form.
TextArea Multi-row text editing component.
TextField A simple text field.

Package wicket.markup.html.form Description

HTML Forms and form components.

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